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December 18


A passionate visionary, entrepreneur, lawyer, musician & healer building Regenerative Communities.


I am committed to the realization of a new paradigm of human consciousness that positively transforms the way we live, work and relate to each other and the planet. We are at a point in our evolution where our past behavior is challenging our future survival. With great challenge comes great opportunity. If we, individually and collectively shift our beliefs and behaviors, we can replace the destructive, toxic and corrupt system based upon industrialization, fossil fuels and war with a thriving new paradigm economy based upon regeneration, restoration, abundance, wellness, goodness, information, and transformation (The “AWEconomy”). I am an Internet entrepreneur, lawyer, healer and composer who is devoting my life experience to creating environments where all life can flourish. Our environment (e.g. planet, people, culture and information are the greatest influencers of beliefs and behavior. This includes the building of transformative virtual communities such as awelife.com and real land based communities that integrate the highest principles of real estate, development, economic development, human collaboration and global interconnectivity.


Internet Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Musician, Healer, Community Builder

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What are your dreams? What are you here to create? How can the AWElife community help you realize your dreams?

I have a dream of great transformation. Not change. It is not about fixing ourselves and the world with the same mindset, tools and behavior that created the problems to begin with. This is a dream of possibility and creation. We live in a universe of infinite possibility. I hold that there is a possibility that we can live in abundance rather than end poverty. That we can possess wellness rather than fight disease. That we can bring forth enlightenment that shines so bright that the darkness of ignorance, selfishness, war, killing, prejudice, fear, hatred and injustice dissolves into the light creating a world that is loving, creative, harmonious, generous and beautiful. We spend so much of our time, attention and energy on destroying each other and the planet. For what? Money - a bunch of worthless paper that derives its value from scarcity? So we can each have our very own piece of the latest plastic from China? For oil that destroys our environment? The current economy of manufacturing, fossil fuels and the industrialized war machine will be dwarfed by the new economy of restoration, regeneration, abundance, wellness, goodness, information, and transformation. I am in awe of the magnificent beauty I see in our planet and humankind. I am touched deeply by my connection and love for humanity and our beautiful planet earth. I am committed to creating a world of A.W.E. – Abundance, Wellness & Enlightenment. This dream is not mine, for I do not own it. It is far bigger than me, and needs to be shared. To be realized, this dream and the world that arises from it needs help, commitment and enrollment by those who share this dream. I am committing my life to this dream. If this is also your dream, let’s create a new world together. AWElife.com is a hub for collaboration, exchange, innovation and manifestation of this dream.

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Positive Global Transformation, Abundance-Wellness & Enlightenment, Surfing, Hiking, Backpacking, Philosophy, Spiritual Growth, Yoga, Quantum Physics, Indigenous Culture, Biomimicry, Heart-Based Technology



Everybody is Special - What is Special About You?

My creativity and ability to manifest my vision and help other manifest theirs

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Atlas Shrugged, The Life Divine, The Source, Hawaii, Aztec, Shōgun, Jitterbug Perfume, The Teachings of Don Juan, Pillars of the Earth, The Alchemist, The De Vinci Code, A Brief History of Nearly Everything, Elegant Universe, Leviathan, The Prince, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Peter Gabriel, Bob Marley, Sting, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Comedy Austin Powers, History of the World, Part I, Young Frankenstein, Something About Mary, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Adventure Indiana Jones, Star Wars, James Bond, Drama Godfather, Scarface, Rocky, Raging Bull, Shawshank Redemption, Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love, Into the Wild, Inspirational Mr Holland's Opus, August Rush,

Most Inspiring People

Buddha, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Einstein, Sri Aurabindo

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Men, Women, Business Relationships, Friends, Investors, Collaborators, Lovers

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  • Thanks i will try
  • Yhank you for taking the first step and embracing me as a friend. Your blogs are very well thoightout and enlightening. Thamk you for the wisdom.
  • Thanks Mark, our reconnection is SO divine! I knew when we met year ago through Chris D at ELF, our collaboration was just beginning. there is also a green building product co. in SoCal who I'm interested in getting on board here with our eco structures and model them in very creative, sustainable ways.

    Co. is

    Malama Composites
    Ned McMahon, 858-622-9963


    Also sourced some local solar panel cos. with gel batteries, but also want to build the new Tesla generators, Any line on those?


    OOOdles to chat about...

    Want to skype later tonight?
    Peace in,

    Eric Rivkin

  • Hi Mark,


    The AWElife app is live on the iPhone App Store.Click here to see the iTunes Page.



  • hello Mark, 

    There is a gentleman in Vermont who has what seems to be a very good bio-energy process, ready to roll in the Pacific NW. I can send you the pitch if you are interested. They say they are on the cutting edge of beginning production of Bio-diesel for ships, home heating, and diesel trucks. Needs; $2m for retro-fitting and $8m LOC. Here is his contact info:

    Peter Campbell-Copp

    Historical Pages Company
    Howe Center
    1 Scale Avenue, Suite 84
    Rutland, VT 05701
    Tel: 802 342 7857
    Lets catch up some day soon! I have built a business model for raising capital- should prove quite effective and I am looking for projects.  All the best, MJ

  • Hi Mark!  Sorry for the delay in replying..  I logged into AWE today and saw your note. Yes, all is well here. 

    So far I've sold 2 lots and now in the process of building the first phase of my house on the other side of the river.. this past couple months I finished most of the work on the river-front rentals and lots, and now we are fully set up to host groups and guests.. in fact, we had a Yoga group here in mid February (Gay Dawson from Santa Rosa and her students).. it went really well!  Mostly folks in their 50s, 60s and 70s, and they loved it here. 


    I'm back in the Bay Area in May for a week (May 1st - 9th) then down here again another 3 months, and my plan is to be back in SF for the fall for 3 months (Aug - Oct), and then again, down here for the winter (Costa Rica summer)..


    Let me know how things are going on your end?  Are you doing anything in Ecuador now with Carl?  I haven't been in touch with Carl much lately..


    I'm now also focusing on getting an inventory of all the farms for sale here in our valley (Savegre Watershed), which was just written up as one of the most important watersheds in all of Central America (if not the world).  UNESCO is here looking at declaring this area (watershed) a "biosphere reserve" and recently a new road opened up from the coastal highway to here and it now takes less than 45 minutes to drive from the beach to my place, and under 1 hour from here to Dominical or to Manuel Antonio.


    I'll forward you the article about the Savegre Watershed.. I think you'll find it interesting.  I'm looking at proposing some large scale projects here to develop investment funds to either buy farms or get concessions on them to get the cows off the mountains/pastures and plant super foods like Noni, Cacao, etc. More later.. gotta run!  pura vida, Harlow


  • Thanks for inviting me!  It's been a long time.  How are you?
  • The site is truly inspiring!  Wow!  Am living in an amazing community now in a houseboat in Sausalito.  My housemate, John, is very passionate about communiy and you two should meet.  His email is stiggelbout@earthlink.net.  How do I get him added to AWElife?  Heading to the early SYP on Sunday.  Love to see you there!
  • Looking forward to connect further and eXplore both XtheGAME.com and Specialdeals.com visionary plan for global transformation on a very practical level. Can you send me an email so I can send some docs... dont seem to have your email address. Please send to me asap. Thanks!
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