About Us


AWElife is devoted to helping you realize your dreams to create a better world.  As a place of connection, collaboration and sharing, AWElife was launched to create a conscious community committed to creating a world of AWE - Abundance, Wellness & Empowerment.  The cornerstones of A.W.E. include the following:


1. Center of A.W.E. ("COA") - "Integrated Collaborative Workspace-Wellness-Spiritual Centers." The Center of A.W.E. ("COA") provides environments, tools and education to raise vitality, communication, collaboration, creativity, abundance, manifestation, joy and connection to new heights.


Utilizing whole-person/whole-systems approaches, COA integrates under one roof, collaborative workspace, wellness space and personal development space.  Also, COA provides outsourced enterprise services to create "Abundant, Well & Enlightened People and Organizations for a Thriving Planet."


The wellness center, health club and spa is based upon A.W.E.'s unique M.E.D.I.C.I.N.E. program that integrates the following:


Exercise and Breathing

Diet and Nutrition 

Internal Cleansing and Detoxification

Conscious Monitoring and Optimizing States of Being

Integrated Wholde Systems Medicine

Natural Connection and Environmental Wellness

Energetic Flow and DNA Activation


2. A.W.E. Communities - "Transformative Communities for a Thriving Planet." A.W.E. Communities is in the early stages of developing new paradigm communities that marry sustainable development with new paradigm businesses.  These businesses are built on the cornerstones of regeneration, restoration, information and innovation.  These socially and ecologically responsible businesses include the following:


• Organic permaculture farming

• Reforestation and carbon sequestration

• Renewable energy including wind, solar, waste-to-energy, geothermal, algae/bacterial fuels

• Bio-renewable materials such as bio-plastics, bio-resins, biochar,  

• Water purification on conservation


Using collaboration, sharing, respect and harmony as cornerstones, A.W.E. Communities provides a life of abundance, wellness & enlightenment.  For example, 500 people only need 100 cars for everyone to have a car whenever they need one. Multiply this one example into washing machines, kitchen appliances, tools, music, art and media equipment, sporting goods and books, and you can rapidly see how we gain more, spend less, play more, use less space and lower our planetary impact.  Also, using locally raised food eliminates the waste energy of packaging and shipping, and exchange currencies allow local economies to flourish.  In an average 25 hour work week, all community members needs will be met including water, food, shelter, energy, clothing, transportation, communications, healthcare and education.  This provides greater time for enjoying life's pleasures and pursuing one's dreams.


3. AWElife.com - A.W.E. Technologies - "Collaborative Community Exchange Engine. " A.W.E. Technologies is focused on providing technologies that synergize collaboration, exchange and rewards for acts of goodness.  This will be accomplished by providing an open currency and resource exchange engine based upon abundance and goodness.  When implemented, members of AWElife.com can earn points for acts benefiting the community, the world and each other and use those points in exchange for goods and services they want.