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September 14


I AM Love Creating Beauty and Loveliness, a Visionary who has put together several vehicles to bring in the New Paradigm Earth. Towards this end I have created Soul Mate Gatherings Divine Talent, Vision Sharing and Manifesting Show through the www.soulmategatherings.com website, our website for Co-Creating the Golden Age World we all Know in our Heart of hearts must be. Towards this end my group Phi Creations, Artizens of the New Paradigm Community of Encinitas, CA is creating molds for the ultimate thin lightweight material to spray on, as hard as concrete, inexpensive, easy to mass-produce in sections and reassemble, Sacred Geometry Dome Homes for the Shambhala Communities we will very soon be Consciously Co-Creating worldwide. We are connected with all the leading edge forerunners of the New Golden Age and their cutting edge products in harmony with Nature and that help restore Her Cyclic Flow that will be available at the lowest prices to our local community.


Awareness, free of programming! In 1st grade I realized that public schools are fear-based programming institutions that discourage true Love and Creativity from being expressed, so I turned off my photographic memory and avoided it. I was blessed to grow up in a Conscious family where we meditated morning and evening as a family and had my own garden with my mother. This is where I learned how to Live and Love, and even though I composed hundreds of Love Songs to God I was not able to fully express my Divine Creativity to my own family, as Conscious as they were. I desired to be a Brother in the Self Realization Fellowship but found they were lacking in growing their own food and being free of the system, even though I lived over 2 years as a monk at the Hidden Valley Ashram in the Escondido Hills, where I helped them start two herb farms: Goldendale and Blue Mountain. Then I got a degree in early childhood education and worked one semester at a very conscious school called Masters' Montessori Academy. I helped Create a James Hubble Home in Julian, CA in 1985. In 1995 I quit my Marketing job, took all my life savings and joined a friend in Kauai, HI to help create a Course In Miracles-based Organic Farm. This ended after several months and I went to Maui and helped Co-Create two such farms there before meeting a group from Endeavor Academy in Wis Dells, WI in 1997 and subsequently moving there and Living there 3 years, where I met and married my wife Deva Divine. Then we moved to Encinitas, CA where I created a Movie called Star Transformations in the Spirit behind Star Wars. It is an interactive Movie where everyone has a full Awakening Experience in the Audiences worldwide and it provides the tools of Co-Created and Co-Owned Community Building Ecolonomic Businesses (EBs) and EB Parks free of the Stock Market Casino with a central Organic Garden all owner/workers are required to spend time in daily for the whole Community. Everything is shared. Also Universal Heart Families (UHFs) to break through all the red tape to ease the transition into the Unity Paradigm. It also shows with Computer Animation how we Lived in Lemuria and Atlantis before the fall of man and the current Golden Age greater than Lemuria and Atlantis. To this end at age 6 I was given the Vision of a Living Crystal 1 mile+ diameter Island with 12 radial waterways and 5 Concentric ones evenly spaced. Between where these intersect are 30 Tower Homes representing our fully Enlightened Chakras, with a Spaceship top floor that can take off. There are also 30 Sun Temple Pyramids. All of this is designed according to the Phi Ratio of Divine Love and Bliss! They are for Awake humanity to Consciously Connect with Whales, Dolphins and other Conscious sea life and to Awaken all sea life and completely heal our waters planetarily, our blood, family and our lives. These are completely Self Sufficient and Glow with Light from the inside, just like Us. They have no name and are not affiliated with any country, government, gender, etc. The center of these Crystal 'New Jerusalem' Islands will help in rebuilding the Firmament that was here around Earth in all previous Golden Ages.

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What are your dreams? What are you here to create? How can the AWElife community help you realize your dreams?

I AM here to Consciously Co-Create with you, my Divine Brothers and Sisters, Shambhala Communities that are off the grid, completely free of the monetary system in complete Abundance where we Live in Nature Preserve Trusts where no one owns the land, but Conscious Beings are given 2.5 acres of land to Caretake it and keep it Divinely Fruitful and Beautiful, full of Their Love and Bliss according to Anastasia's Vision of Ringing Cedars of Russia series of books where we Live simply in Divine Beauty so that others may simply Live (Mahatma Gandhi). I AM also here to materialize Crystal Islands with my Soul Family in 2013 and lead Group Soul Co-Creation Meditations so this is realized at that time. Timing is everything!

Activities, Interests, Hobbies

I AM an Awakener and healer while in the world radiating the Love and Bliss that I AM! I Live and Teach Divine Abundance based on Divine Love. I practice Soul Gazing and Sun Gazing and Live primarily on Light! I Love all Life! My hobbies are Gifting my brothers and sisters with tokens of my Love and Bliss! They all Live in my heart.



Everybody is Special - What is Special About You?

I AM a Loving Manifestor that facilitates the highest Expression of Love and Creativity God is manifesting through my fellow man and all life. I discovered that Shambhala Communities cannot exist without Fully Conscious humans Living in and from their Light Bodies and hearts, with mind following, so I created the Soul Mate Gatherings Divine Talent, Vision Sharing and Manifesting Show so we can all share our Divine Visions with each other and find that at their Core they are all shared, since we are all One, in mind as well as body, (more like interdependent), not to mention Spirit. Here we consciously meet our Soul Mates and Soul Family and Consciously begin Co-Creating our Dreams or Visions and becoming all-around Successful! In the beginning our focuses seem quite different, but eventually as we completely experience others, without judgment, we will begin to embody that facet as our own and see how they all dovetail and merge. This is how we learn to truly Love and Respect our whole Divine Soul Family and Know Oneness inside and out!

Favorite Media - Authors, Musicians, Film, Artists

Avatar, that of my most inspiring people, Divine Ghandharva Musicians and Fine Artists that are not yet well known, such as you.

Most Inspiring People

Lord Krishna, Yogananda, Mahatma Gandhi, St Germain, Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, Padmasambhava, Lord Kalki and You!

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    How is everything with you, I picked interest on you after going through your short profile and deemed it necessary to write you immediately. I have something very vital to disclose to you, but I found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site.Could you please get back to me on:( mr.frankkwabena000@yahoo.co.th ) for the full details.

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  • Nice to meet you! looking forward to talking. Namaste:)
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