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July 11


Nadia Tene is the founder and the driving force behind The Seeds of Life Premier Detox Spa. She designs one on one tailored retreat programs to bring about personal empowerment, transformation and balance. Nadia’s goal is to hold the most sacred space for individuals to cleanse, detox and heal at the cellular level transforming, body, mind and soul. Clients leave the center renewed, empowered, and changed to the very core by Nadia's positive energy and enthusiasm,”. Nadia loves creating customized detox retreat programs that bring measurable results, as clients return to quantum health. The Seeds of Life Healing Spa is a reflection of the integrity and philosophy she lives on a daily basis. A shaman woman by destiny, Nadia Tene is dedicated to helping people to empower themselves so they can heal their past, live in the moment and script their bright future.


Nadia Tene has been a gifted visionary and intuitive healer since early childhood. She offers different types of healing modalities and is trained in a variety of technologies like the MRS MAT 2000. She also is a level 3 practitioner in Tera Mai Reiki. One of her specialties is helping others clear emotional blocks using a powerful technique called ERT (Emotional Repolarizing Technique). One of Nadia's main focuses is her daily practice using a profound form of pranayama breathing dating back over 2,000 years ago called the M.A.T (Manifestation Acceleration Technique). She contributes all her success to her daily practice of this breathe and offers certification courses to teach others! Nadia is alson a certified QRA( quantum reflex analysis) practitioner, a total health mastery lifestyle coach, event coordinator and performing artist, high priestess, poet, writer, and eco clothing designer! She has spent the last 10yrs researching health and nutrition and has prepared live organic cuisine over the past 8 yrs to repair and restore the body, mind and spirit.

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Nadia is an advocate for the Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Emotional Growth and Enlightenment of each person. Her purpose is to create workshops, educational events, and community spiritual events in the Healing Arts with a complete focus on transformation of the four bodies, the spirit-body, the mind-body, physical-body and the SOUL-body.

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I Love to create Healing Retreat Experiences, Communicate with Angels, Masters, ET's, Ancestors, and Nature Spirits.. I offer Ritual Hands on Healing, I love to produce Conscious Heart Opening Events, and Teach Live Foods, and Fasting.I love to Fly and Lucid Dream, I love to Channel and create with my hands, I love to sing native ancient songs of Light Languages, I love to temple dance, I love to manifest, write, inspire, produce, I to master knowing oneself, I love words and poetry, I love people and all their gifts and beauty....



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am root alive in the center of my being, I have found the ancient sounds of my ancestors, I am walking the red path of the Sun, I am forever dancing the words of Christ, I am manifesting magic forever, I am culture alive in the simple ways of living, I am peacock colored in my aura, I am running with the night of the Jaguar, I am shaman Woman with the Medicine of Plants, I am longing for the Man who embodies Father who is Osiris who is my Love, I am Mother Wisdom Gaia merged with earth, I am the drum beat in the sweat of letting go as I pray to the spirit of Grandfather fire, I am a winged one, a Temple Keeper and dancer of the Sun and Moon, I am Balance in the world of Imperfection, I am writing the M-keys of Arch Angel Michael, I am planting the Seeds Of Life, I am now loving the healing of my family tree, I am soul connected to all my past present lifetimes, I am bridging worlds of many, I am you in this moment of recognizing self, I am Isis who dances for Omega, I am the beginning and the End, I am the Medicine wheel who represents all nations, I am purpose for-filled and guided every step of the way, i am a portal of a star-gate and I am open, I am the birds that fly over the temples of the Remembering, I am casting spells of white magic, I am living and writing in the temples of Emerald and Gold, I am Already Ascended and in contact with my future self, I am now this moment where the Poet Code is Alive......

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