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February 11


WHAT I DO BE-CAUSE WHO I AM: 1. WHO?: Innovator-Builder ( see my BOSI profile: http://www.bosidna.com/me/11375) 1. WHAT?: Invent products/services/programs/events and commercialize them at scale 2. WHO?: Content Strategist 2. WHAT?: Design contextual architecture that will most strategically capitalize owned content 3.WHO?: Cultural Architect 3. WHAT?: Articulate semantic frameworks that breakthrough cultural constraints and therefore elicit the emergence of new level of socioeconomic functionality for organizations 4. WHO?: Technology Visionary 4.WHAT?: Identify emergent but dissociated technology that when combined produce the game changing synergy that causes the creation of new market-spaces 5. WHO? Opportunity Synergizer 5.WHAT?: Envision game changing opportunities and broker partnerships among the most likely potential beneficiaries 6. WHO?: Integral Emergence Philosopher 6. WHAT?: Seek to co-realize truth that explains the spiritual-to-material cognitive continuum 7. WHO?: Creational Entrepreneur 7. WHAT?: Design, deploy and build Ecosystem Synergistic Joint Venture Networks

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“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo Based on understandings and insights developed over a twelve years quest for -What “enables” us “humans” to “make meaning” and realize “truth”? Plus, previous experience as an Internet Entrepreneur, I have conceived and combined an original Innovation Approach and a new Co-Founding and Capitalization Model into the breakthrough "Integral Wealth Co-Realizing Methodology" which I now call “Creational Entrepreneurship.” Creational Entrepreneurship is a new methodology for increasing the likelihood of meaningful new venture success through the design and deployment of marketspace synergistic joint venture networks. At the core of the Creational Entrepreneruship Methodology is my original conception of “Creational-Value” ; the value of what can be created ; the value inherent to creativity's outcome. The significance of this new conception is that it references creativity's value as an emergent potential. In doing so, the concept of creational-value serves to construct a new context for measuring and therefore realizing our unique individual potential and capitalizing our collective creativity in a whole new way. I described such new way as "Integral Wealth Co-Realizing," -The process of transforming our spiritual, moral, emotional, personal, cultural, ethical, social and material life improvement potential into financial wealth. For this reason, I predict “Creational Entrepreneurship,” could be the cornerstone for building the global collective creativity-based economy required for enabling the purposeful capitalization of human potential. We are now looking for co-founders in Miami, Orlando and Tampa Florida, and Latin America to share in the value of building the FIRST Life Improvements Crowdfunding Networks @ EmergeTV.co If this message resonates with you, contact me to explore the possibility of partnering.

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I live by the philosophy that...living is loving in the eternity of actuality

Favorite Media - Authors, Musicians, Film, Artists

Ken Wilber, Barbara Marx Hubbard, E.O Wilson

Most Inspiring People

Goethe, Aurobindo, Teilhard de Chardin

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Women, Business Relationships, Friends, Investors, Collaborators

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