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Kitzia Danel, With over 10 years of experience working with social groups in Mexico, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador, she combines her love for the people with her knowledge of how to use the Earth Resources intelligently. Co-Founder of Buena Fortuna Gardens (1998-2012) , a 3000 plant species reserve in Mexico, she has doneextensive research on growing and processing organic crops for the tropical andsubtropical regions of the world hosting, facilitating and teaching workshopson Permaculture, organic gardening, food processing, medicine making, naturalart, etc, for over 13 years. Kitzia is also a kitchen alchemist, a painter, apoet and an entrepreneur. Her greatest passion is the Seeds. She is the Founder of Bioflora CSA/ Seed Farmin Ecuador, where she currently grows over 300 varieties of edible crops. Shehas leaded many environmental and health related programs with elders, women, children and International studentsincluding Radio shows and short TV programs. She is currently a leading member ofWomen Association and Women cooperatives in Ecuador, developing products givingtraining and supporting their local andinternational marketing as well as facilitating Human development workshops andseminars.


Business Administration, Permaculture, International Cuisine

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I am living the Dream :)

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Planting, Drawing, Poetry, Painting and Teaching.



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I am a Visionary Earthsteward

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Indian music, tabla drum, hang drum, flute...and most of all the music of nature.

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Ph D Vandana Shiva Grandmother Flordemayo

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