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March 6


Samantha Sweetwater, M.A., is an inspiring and provocative facilitator and spiritual guide who woke up dancing at the age of 13. She is the founder and director of Dancing Freedom and Soul Coaching and the co-founder of Moving Global. Her dedication to individual and planetary awakening has carried her to five continents where she has facilitated the Dancing Freedom experience of embodied awakening in diverse venues such as Esalen, Bioneers, The Economics of Peace Conference, Japanese Spi-Cons (Spiritual Conferences), Indian Ashrams, Earthdance Global Peace Festival, churches, riverbanks, rest homes and sustainable communities. Creating from her soul's true impulse, she invites integration of body, psyche, soul and spirit. Her teachings empower wellness, soul-success, thriving relationships and spiritual fulfillment. She brings over 25 years of experience to her work. Her mission is to cause sustainable people and the emergence of a culture of oneness. For more info go to http://dancingfreedom.com and http://samanthasweetwater.wordpress.com


Founder and Director of Dancing Freedom Founder and Director of PeaceBody Japan 8 years in a successful career as a dancer, independent choreographer and multi-media improvisation artist 8 years teaching yoga and training yoga teachers Co-Founder of the Australian Contact Improvisation Convergence Co-founder of Cell Space Arts Center Education: • M.A. Wisdom Spirituality with a focus in Eco-Shamanic Trauma Mentoring • B.A. in Social Theory and the Dance (a self created degree re-weaving the split between body and mind) • Ordained Priestess of the 13 Moons • over 1000 hours yoga teacher training • CMT • Somatic Training in Alexander, Feldenkrais, BMC and Hakomi • Certified Dream Coach • REiki Master

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I am here to cause cultural revolution through conscious dance, integral self-development and soul-empowerment. I dream of tens of thousands of people dancing together in a singular prayer for oneness.

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hiking, dancing, swimming, laughing, cooking and un-cooking, writing, meditating, yoga

Everybody is Special - What is Special About You?

I'm a wild child, an eternal goddess and a powerful voice of the divine mind. I am an expert at asking the right questions to un-lock the gates of the soul. I am unafraid of my instinctive animal self, and delightedly integrate this with my humanity and my divinity.