Laguna Niguel, CA


July 4


I have always been a dreamer, seeking and discovering ways to create the art of living well. Fine Artist, visionary, and passionate about creating beauty for the soul. I would like to be a part of a higher consciousness community with people who are building a sustainable, co-creative, holistic, wellness, mindful community that helps to create a paradigm shift in the collective and becomes a model for the future. I have multiple professional training, gifts and talents that are seeking to be incorporated such as creating beautiful surroundings, (Interior and Environmental Design), writing, interviewing, practicing energetic modalities such as Reiki, Reconnection, NLP, Law Of Attraction, meditation, bio-resonance therapy, holistic healing, etc. I have studied and attended dozens of seminars with leading edge leaders, healers and change makers. My life is in a total transition and it is clear to me that the status quo is not working for me, as I have seen the truth and know that there is a more prosperous, life affirming way to live on this precious planet beyond the mind/body and through the spirit. My heart has always been connected to the earth, nature, all living creatures and global wellness. At a young age I had the vision, explored the teachings of new thought leaders and always lived way outside the box. The time is now for me to meet and be a part of building and living in a conscious community of soul-centered visioneers. I am also seeking my soul-partner to co-create this vision together as well as collaborating with new paradigm leaders who are building real life communities that provide a flourishing, abundant life affirming, higher dimensional experience for all.


Professional Interior Designer, Fine Artist, Radio host "Beauty for the Soul”, Fine Living Maven, Spa Trends Specialist, Self-Care Expert, Journalist, Blogger

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What are your dreams? What are you here to create? How can the AWElife community help you realize your dreams?

I have always had visions of the future flashing before my eyes, as an artist and visionary. I would like to actualize my dream of living in a higher consciousness community where I can contribute my gifts and talents as a professionally trained designer, fine artist, “Healing LifeStylist" and new thought leader. My passion is creating beautiful living spaces in harmony with nature, sustainable and comfortable, aesthetically beautiful, life affirming, comfortable and resplendent in lush, beautiful surroundings, respectful of the environment and all living creatures. In addition, I am passionate about becoming ageless, sharing my wisdom and wellness secrets and uplifting and inspiring others to become conscious co-creators in leading a new paradigm shift for the ‘new earth energies’. My wish right now is to find a 'fine living' community where I can begin! Now is the time!

Activities, Interests, Hobbies

Yoga, hiking, beach-ing and swimming laps in the moonlight as the sunsets. Spa-aholic, love the art of touch, sharing the divine feminine in all aspects. Philosophy, Spiritual Growth, Quantum Physics, bio-dynamic farming, vegan/veggie gourmet ‘cook’ (mostly raw) ageless health nut with a twist (The 3 C’s Champagne and Chocolate and (Longevity) Coffee!)



Everybody is Special - What is Special About You?

I have lived my life creating Beauty For The Soul, and am here to uplift and inspire through the feminine divine essence. My friends consider me a ‘magical manifestor’ sharing my gifts and talents. I live a life of the highest integrity, kindheartedness and a passion for all things of beauty. I am also out of the box and love to have FUN and laughter. Adventurous, spontaneous, non-conformist, contrarian thinker, against the grain, but smooth as silk. (And can still appear to fit in when necessary.)

Favorite Media - Authors, Musicians, Film, Artists

Too many to list......right now listening to you tube thought leaders, healers, living legends.

Most Inspiring People

The great ones......

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Men, Women, Business Relationships, Friends, Investors, Collaborators, Lovers

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