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November 11


A native to San Diego and I have a older sister and younger brother parents separated when I was 15 and had a spiritual experience. Talked my dad into moving to Del Mar where I lived in a blended family. Graduated from Torrey Pines High in 1979 and then went on to study economics at UCSB graduated 1984 studied abroad in Mexico City 1982. I was a commodity options Trader for short short time working commercial real estate from 88 to 92. Started a mortgage company ran for a couple years and then got involved with Electro medicine in 1994 selling Rife technology. Interested in producing film worked on the Titanic for a couple months. I became a sovereign citizen a 1993. Had an amazing Dark Night of the Soul which took me through homelessness to be hospitalized probably 20 Mental Hospitals in San Diego. Was on disability from 97 to 2012 worked as a valet from 2006 to 2012. Moved to LA for a couple years and lived with my karmic soulmate. Studied under an astrophysicist from 1989 to 1990 2 + learned volitional science. Was introduced to biogeometry in 2001 and have studied numerous courses and practice energy balancing with bio signatures. Studied the new physics with Nasim Haramein and unification Theory. The last three years I have worked for Grand Pacific Resorts in Carlsbad. I created a new position called H2O which stands for health and happiness officer I have not presented to the president yet.


Some of my experiences are mentioned above I spent 4 years going through most of Landmark education training from 2007 to 2010. I started a company called massage away which was in the early 90s it was a vending Massage Chair Company or we plan to put massage chairs in airports. Also with another friend we started another company called solo golf which was a portable driving range. I worked in telephone sales in and early 2000 talking to computer Engineers about a Spam filtering service.

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Well I call myself a golden age architect and I'm here to Anchor the future golden cities and embody freedom and divinity. Soul inspired by AWE . Transformation is fundamental to my Dharma and I'm here to facilitate transforming the medical industry , entertainment industry and introduce the new political instrument called the natural Republic to assist transforming that Realm. Reuniting nuclear families is important to me and my priority is self mastery and service. I created the awareness breathing campaign ABC always breathe coherently.

Activities, Interests, Hobbies

I love movement and I love almost all sports I am currently play tennis, soccer I love to surf also love to dance I love yoga meditation into Alchemy quantum physics physical regeneration singing I love writing lyrics


https:// discoverDivinity. Com

Everybody is Special - What is Special About You?

What's special about me is my journey through the medical world At 15 I had an awareness of being a Christ and awoken. I was later diagnosed as a schizophrenic and another doctor in La Jolla determined I had an allergy to wheat. My knowledge and experience about overcoming difficulty and everything we experience is a gift. I'm A gifted athlete and super intuitive I was born on 11/11 and was Leo's third stand in and he has the same birthday. My awareness about the optimal future reality for this planet as we deal with AI and sacred nature.

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I enjoy YouTube Tim Ferriss Julie Renee d o e a r i n g Mark Twain like Imagine dragons Thomas Paine Henry David Thoreau David Bowie

Most Inspiring People

Leonardo DaVinci Benjamin Franklin Francis Bacon Mary Magdalene Martin Luther King

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