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November 10


Hi All, My nick is Amy and about me, lol, that an evolution in process, as I am just shifting up. I moved to AZ after a divorce and six months in I got caught in a very illegal court case. I was in court for a year and a half and I now know what I now know how it feels to be found guilty for something you did not do. It was pretty devastating. However, I am now well versed as to what is going on out there. Seven years of looking. I am in the Portland area because I had to get out of AZ when it was all over. Unfortunately, I am not feeling very attached. So, I am looking at moving and considering leaving the country. I also went through very Spiritual transformation. I am a preacher's kid, well woman, and my dad was awesome. Not a Huckabee moment as I say. I have read many bible and spiritual books and I look at God as Energy. One great article I just found is this one.... https://www.consciouslifestylemag.com/spiritual-awakening-signs-and-symptoms/ I read this and I sobbed because it spoke of what I had experienced and feel. So, that is about it for now. I am regrouping. I lost everything on this journey and what is interesting in starting over is that you can pick and choose what you want to be. I have been told I am a Healer and have Shamanic ways. We will see. I just have not found my tribe. I have a care for the people in America that are living on the streets and would love to establish community for them.


I have a Master's in Social Work. I did my thesis on the Transgender brothers and sisters. It was very interesting as I am an avid learner. I have sales and marketing experience, legal back ground and I am a researching queen. I also have a wide breath of knowledge, due to the journey and I am like a filing cabinet of information.

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What I have a passion for is creating a new economy, buddhist economy, E.F.Schumacher, Small is Beautiful, Economics as if People Mattered. I know it is the way to eliminate some of the ills out there. I would also like to develop a college that teaches Buddhist Economics because this is the future.

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Well, this is some thing I am working on. However, I love the ocean. I used to live in the San Diego area and it was one of the happiest times. I am interested in world affairs and read information from around the world. I find people and their cultures fascinating. I write and just started painting. I also have a camera that I picked up to learn something new. I have a golden retriever Benjamin, who is my love and we have gone through much together.


https://Not sure I have one...there are many

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I have always been a big civil rights kind of person, or as I say, I try my best to walk in love. I also am very passionate about Buddhist Economics and feel this journey I have been on has equipped me to move this forward. I feel that zero waste recycling is a must, along with sustainability and care for my brothers and sisters that are in need. I know that through Buddhist Economics, much of the homeless situation and anger that is being shown right now could be resolved.

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I watch things for information much of the time, but always love a good comedy and stories with a good plot line. No matter funny or serious. One of my favorite authors is Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul, Raymond Khoury, I just finished a book by Will Wiles and It. Music...love music. I saw David Cosby here and he was incredible. I like anything from Classical, to Rap, to Blues, not much into Jazz. I don't have a favorite artist as I just find much of it pretty fascinating. Always up for a good showing.

Most Inspiring People

The Masters...Jesus, Buddah, Mohammed, Ghandi. My father, who was a true Bohemian. For me if you miss the mark of not seeing things around you that can be fixed, I am not sure I can feel the message. I am not a fan of the bible of Forbes. I find people fascinating, so people in general are pretty interesting and can be a catalyst for thoughts to lead to a lot of creativity. I am very aware of what is happening, so I am always happy to meet someone who is also enlightened.

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