May 8


A student of nature eclectically dabbling in all the daily wisdoms of life


Civil Engineering Technologist diploma Bachelors of Civi Engineering degree (2/4 years complete)

Relationship Status

Single, Open

What are your dreams? What are you here to create? How can the AWElife community help you realize your dreams?

To inspire all of those whom I connect with, and manifest my highest self into being. My dream is to connect our consciousness, share ideas, collectivize our spirit, and to break free from the delusions of our current world.

Activities, Interests, Hobbies

Mindfulness activities, bodybuilding, basketball, running, jnana/karma/bahkti/raja yoga.

Everybody is Special - What is Special About You?

I really have a passion for life that I wish to share and grow in any way possible.

Favorite Media - Authors, Musicians, Film, Artists

Music: From Notorious B.I.G. , to Queen, to Tchaikovsky, to Tibetan singing bowls. Movie: The Pursuit of Happyness

Most Inspiring People

Terrence McKenna, Simon Sidek, Alan Watts, Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, and You

Who are interested in meeting here?

Women, Business Relationships, Friends, Investors, Collaborators

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