David Korten provides a good summary of the difference between Wall St. and Main St in his paper entitled "A Real-Market Alternative" (


"The Wall Street economy," according to Mr. Korten, "is centrally planned and managed by big banks and corporations for which money is both means and end. The primary goal is monopoly control of markets, physical resources and technology to maximize profits and bonuses.


Main Street economy is comprised of local businesses and working people who self-organize to provide livelihoods for themselves, their families and communities producing real goods and services in response to community needs. Main Street exemplifies the market economy envisioned by Adam Smith; Wall Street is the antithesis."


80% of the population lives in or near poverty, yet trillions of dollars of bailout money is flowing from the White House into the hands of a few privileged Wall Street bankers and preferred government contractors rather than aiding people and planet.  The cost of this massive bailout will be paid by the hidden tax of inflation, which will only accelerate the decline of the standard of living and allow further consolidation of wealth, natural resources and military might into the hands of a few.


We work for money that is worthless and those printing the money (i.e., the central banking cartel) have ingeniously enslaved humankind and purchased the natural resources of the planet by printing money out of thin air. 


It is clear that neither our governments nor our banking system are serving humanity or the planet, but have merely become a runaway money-war-stuff machine without social or environmental consciousness.  This greed machine will destroy planet and people to fulfill its voracious appetite for monopolistic domination through ever increasing debt. 


It is time for community, local production of products and independence from debt.

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