A friend of mine, Geoff Workman, compiled the chart below showing the astronomical inflation we are experiencing.  Inflation is the hidden tax that covers the costs of the $20 trillion Wall St. bailout, the $1.2 trillion dollar war in Iraq and Afghanistan  and the trillions of dollars of subsidies, pork barrel and inefficiencies of our Federal Government.


Inflation is not a Republican-Democrat issue, but rather a long standing collusion between the Federal Reserve and Congress that allows money to be “printed” by the Fed out of thin-air and loaned to our government in exchange for interest bearing Treasuries.  These treasuries are considered real assets that are leveraged through fractional reserve banking to expand the amount of worthless currency in the world.

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This “inflation tax” is disguised by the appearance that goods, services, real estate and natural resources are going up in value, when in actuality the value of our currency is being diminished.  The money we use as our medium of exchange is tied to nothing tangible and therefore is valueless except for the value we, the people, agree to give it.   When we invest our valueless money and receive more valueless money, we really don’t see a gain.  0 x 1 billion is still 0.   We merely see a transfer of our time, energy and natural resources being voluntarily exchanged for worthless paper.



The things that are real and valuable are people, planet, natural resources and our health.  We, however, allow the destruction and toxificatioin of humankind and our planet for worthless paper, while those that print the paper consolidate the natural resources of the planet and the military might to defend it.


By shifting our values and investing our time and energy in meaningful and direct exchange of valuable goods and services without relying on worthless money, the more we can free ourselves from the tyranny and corruption of runaway central banking Ponzi scheme.


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