I had a major revelation today (September 19, 2013) about the potential and possibilities for humankind. The timeline, dimension and illusion of our current "reality" is at the edge of transformation. . .

While walking through a redwood forest today, I stopped to embrace a beautiful redwood tree. Although on the outside, the tree looked healthy and strong, during my embrace, I could feel its life force was weakening. I became aware that the redwoods are both "barometers" measuring the health of our planet and "antennas" that transmit this information to "guardians" of earth.

What came to me is an urgent message: The time is NOW to open our hearts, minds and beings to entirely new possibilities, even though these possibilities will shake the very foundation of our social structure and belief systems.

We have an immediate choice to either 1) embrace life-affirming, regenerative practices and new beliefs that expand our ability to thrive in unity and harmony with each other, nature and the universe, or 2) continue to extract, exploit, divide and destroy ourselves into extinction.

We are the planet - there is no separation. Each breath, drop of water and the nutrients that sustain us are life-giving gifts. The planet will heal itself and be just fine without us, however, we have an opportunity to thrive, if we choose unity, love and synergistic resolution over selfish hording, scarcity, fear and compromise.

We live in a universe of infinite possibilities, yet we live lives of such limited possibilities. There are energies, forces and beings in the universe that support human thriving, yet most of us are "perceptually blind" to these energies, forces and beings. Let's open our eyes and minds to new possibilities that are life-affirming and expansive in order that humankind can express its potential for brilliance, beauty & kindness and thrive.

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