Merrill Ward, AWE's Chief Enlightenment Officer, just shared this inspiring piece about transformation that I am compelled to share this with you. . .

Birth, Death & Metamorphosis

As the sap begins to pull back from the branches of the trees, and the leaves begin their inevitable shift into the vibrant reds, rich golds and deep purples of Autumn, my mind, body and spirit generally tend to begin their own withdrawl into the inner realms of Self as well. The fires of the summer have finally waned and the harvest season is in full swing as crops are duly reaped and put up for the coming winter months ahead. As things finally seem to be slowing a bit, I find myself shifting into deep reflection as this powerfully transformative time, both seasonally and within the greater shift in human cultural awareness, begins to unfold. As we enter into the astrological sign of Scorpio, with it's emphasis on Death,  Regeneration & Rebirth and celebrate Samhain and the Day of the Dead, where the veil between the worlds is at its most tenuous within the wheel of the year, I am drawn to the analogy of the metamorphosis of the caterpillar. Culturally,  we have been developing the rational egoic aspects of our collective consciousness for several thousand years now. Perhaps since the rise of agrarian society, when we began cultivating our food and crafting tools and weaponry, creating artificial limits of geographical boundaries and systems of ownership. This eventually manifested in the establishment of city/nation states and our ideas around cultural identity - of the creation of a false sense of us and them, that we can really no longer afford to maintain. This divisive meme, which may have served us during this particular phase of our growth,  has effectively reached its limit of usefulness for us as a species and effectively represents the caterpillar stage of human development on our planet. For the last several decades, with the advent and rise of the information age, we have been creating a cocoon - a web, if you will, that can effectively hold and contain the cultural transformation that is unfolding within it. And now, the natural processes of disintegration are occurring  as we move into the chrysalis or pupal stage of our collective evolutionary process. This manifests as collapse within various personal, social, governmental, economic and environmental systems, the breakdown of which we are currently witnessing throughout our world with ever increasing frequency and intensity. This is the phase of metamorphic transformation we are currently undergoing and it is not always easy nor comfortable. This dying process to our old ways of being is something to be accepted, to be embraced, to be held or contained within  the cocoon (the Hermetically sealed alchemical alembic) of our collective human psyche.  What we once were, or believed ourselves to be, is rapidly disintegrating in order that it may become what it is, that we are truly destined to be. At this stage, the imaginal cells that will eventually develop into our transformed human condition are as yet undetermined and undifferentiated. I feel strongly that we can positively impact this transformational process through deeply surrendering to it's unfoldment while remaining focused and open - powerfully holding a clear vision and intention within the collective resonant morphogenetic field within our shared Great Work together. Our ability and willingness for us to continue to drop deeply in and collectively hold this field - for ourselves, for each other and for humanity itself, freed from the "lust of result", will manifest in the quickening that will allow for our emergent essential nature to unfold fluidly and organically. Allowing for us to break free from the constraints of our current cultural conditioning and in due course, enabling the butterfly of our enlightened Divinely Human psyche to soar freely into a future of perfect love, perfect trust and limitless possibilities. And so it is......

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