I have a dream of great transformation and new possibilities to create a world of A.W.E. - Abundance, Wellness & Enlightenment.

This dream is not about change. It is not about fixing the old system with the same mindset, tools and behavior that created the problems to begin with.

This is a global dream that affects not only the starving children in Africa and the suffering and injustice at the bottom of the pyramid, but the children and coming generations in the richest countries in the world, like
right here in the United States.

If we do not make immediate transformation in the way we live and consume, it is we, the people of the United States of America, that will be facing starvation, severe draught, displacement from our homes and great
suffering from environmental devastation and pollution in the next 20 years. Already many Americans are losing their jobs, their homes and their pensions.

Our education, healthcare, social security and infrastructure systems are broken. Our farms are depleted and our oceans fished out. Our air, water and food are polluted with toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. Our government no longer serves the people, but rather serves multi-national corporations and the central banking

We spend so much of our time, attention and energy on destroying each other and the planet. For what? Money - a bunch of worthless paper that derives its value from scarcity? So we can each have our very own piece of the latest plastic from China? For oil that destroys our environment?

There are real possibilities for a better world on the horizon. However, to manifest these possibilities will take a combination of widespread adoption of clean technologies, education reform, new infrastructure
and core economic and political reform.

More than all of these, the great impact will come from the transformation of our beliefs and behaviors from hoarding, exclusivity,disconnection and callousness to sharing, collaboration, inclusivity, respect, compassion and love.

The current economy of manufacturing, fossil fuels and the industrialized war machine will be dwarfed by the economy of restoration, regeneration, abundance, wellness, goodness, information, and transformation.

Our scientists have mathematically proven that we live in a universe of infinite possibilities. I hold that there is a possibility that we can live in abundance rather than end poverty. That we can possess wellness rather than fight disease. That we can bring forth enlightenment that shines so bright that the darkness of ignorance, selfishness, war, killing, prejudice, fear, hatred and injustice dissolves into the light creating a world that is
loving, creative, harmonious, generous and beautiful.

I am in awe of the magnificent beauty I see in our planet and the potential of humankind to rise to an equal magnificence and beauty. I am touched deeply by my connection and love for humanity and our beautiful planet earth. I am committed to creating a world of A.W.E. – Abundance, Wellness & Enlightenment. A world that is peaceful, just, and loving inhabited by humans that are environmentally conscious and socially responsible stewards of regeneration that create an abundant planet for this and future generations.

This is a collective dream that is far bigger than any one of us. Many of us share this dream, but don’t know how to realize this dream. To be realized, this dream needs help, commitment and participation by those who share this dream. I, as the founder of AWE Institute am committing my life to this dream. If this is also your dream, let’s share the dream. By giving ourselves to the dream we can realize the dream together.

For the benefit of humankind and planet, let us come together and pool our talent, our resources and our collective power to become and create the change we want to see in the world.

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