We are each part of a Global Human Agreement (“GHA”) that creates our current reality.  The GHA shapes our external and internal worlds and the way we relate to each other and our environment.  Much of the GHA results from implanted programs that we perpetuate both consciously and unconsciously.  These programs shape our view of the world, dictate our behavior and create our “reality.


In order to manifest a new reality, we need new tools that allow us to replace the programs that are disempowering and destructive.  We can’t fix the problem with the same tools that created the problem.  A prime example of this is the “War on Terror.”  We use war and force in an attempt to create peace.  It just doesn’t work.  It’s perpetuates war and terror.  However, such activity is good for the GDP.


This paper is written to explore the operating system and programs that create and perpetuate our reality and to provide access to 5 powerful tools that can change it. 


The Operating Systems and Programs

Upon entering this world, we start engaging with the realm of time and space as sampled by our phenomenal senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.  We have no language or context for the filtered information being received through our senses.


The environmental matrix of time and space, as experienced in human form, represents our fundamental “operating system.”  Throughout our development, we are implanted with “programs” by our parents and society including language, context, meaning, emotion, judgment (e.g., good/bad-right/wrong) and “appropriate” behavior.  These programs shape the way we relate to each other and our environment. 

These programs provide us the ability to communicate with each other, to form thoughts and context and a lens through which we view and behave in our world. These programs include everything from deeply embedded unconscious genetic survival instincts that stretch back beyond the dawn of humankind to social constructs and behaviors that have been developed through the millennia.


Soon these programs take over our lives and we “become the programs.”  We find ourselves conforming to “appropriate” forms of behavior rather than standing in our truth.  We fit in and try to be “normal” rather than extraordinary.  We compromise our greatness, our passions, our potential and our power for security, convenience and comfort.  We accept the enslavement program as “reality.”


For example, a significant majority of the developed world believes that we need money to survive, that money gives us power, that the more money we have the happier and more secure we will be and that natural resources and money derive their value from scarcity. 


Based upon this set of beliefs, we have created a world “reality” where we have become completely dependent on valueless paper money for our survival, where ever-increasing expansion of the gross domestic product, profit at all costs, hoarding, greed and destruction of the eco-system are not only justified, but are actually rewarded as the accepted the definition of “success.” 


Accessing the new tools to manifest a new paradigm, requires us to get down to the operating system layer and erase the disempowering and destructive programs that perpetuate a world rampant with war, pollution, toxicity and social injustice. 


5 Powerful Tools for a New Paradigm

The 5 Powerful Tools for a New Paradigm are as follows:

(1) Equanimous Observation

(2) Inquiry

(3) Choice

(4) Prior Consciousness and Imagination

(5) Manifestation through Embodied Awareness


1.            Equanimous Observation

“Equanimous Observation” means the state of neutrality, emotional detachment and non-judgment when observing one’s internal experience, beliefs, programs, patterns, stories and circumstances.

When we judge things as good or bad, right or wrong, “pigeon-hole” or get emotionally triggered, it is highly likely we are running a program based upon context and story that is fabricated. 

Equanimous Observation teaches us to just look at things for what they “truly” are without layering context and story around it.  For example. . .


            Fact:              A child was occasionally spanked by her father when she did not listen to her father. 

            Story:  My father is an abusive jerk who didn’t love me.  I am a victim of abuse and it’s all my Dad’s fault.  He makes me so angry!


Stories tend to exaggerate and dramatize what actually happened and are products of interpretation.  Stories are generally created from language and culture programs giving rise to context and imagined scenarios. 


When we are able to impartially observe the facts without judgment, emotional charge or attachment to outcome, we start to differentiate between fact and fiction.  We are no longer trapped as unwitting hostages inside a story that controls our decisions and actions, but instead possess the ability to objectively see our programs and the causal patterns, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and experiences that arise from our programs.  From this perspective, we can make objectively evaluate and inquire into our programs, thereby gaining the power and freedom of choice and manifestation. 


2.            Inquiry

Although inquiry arises from language and context, it is a powerful tool for developing awareness of the programs that are running us.  As mentioned above, language is a program.  Language is learned and is not part of our original operating system.  When we learn a language, we become implanted with the mindset that created it, including the culture, context, constraints and viewpoints.  For example, the Polynesians have a plethora of terms to define ocean conditions and navigation, as do the Eskimos for snow and the nomads for sand.


Inquiry consists of the art of asking the right questions. When we become aware of the programs creating our beliefs, emotions, thoughts and stories using Equanimous Objectivity, we are then able to apply Inquiry.  Below are some examples of questions to allow us to evaluate whether a program is serving or non-serving.  For purpose of this Inquiry example, we will use beliefs.


Is this my belief?  If not, whose belief is this?

Where did this belief come from?

Does this belief empower/serve me?  If not, what other beliefs and views are available to empower/serve me?

What affect does this belief have on my choices and behavior?

How does this belief affect or create my internal and/or external reality?

What program in language, culture and conditioning is creating this belief?

If this belief is not serving, what is the payoff for holding onto or perpetuating the underlying program?

Am I willing to delete this program? Why or Why not?


Once we are able to inquire into our programs the causal beliefs, emotions, stories, thoughts, patterns and experiences, we can clearly choose to keep, strengthen, modify, delete or replace the programs. 

3.            Choice

The Power of Choice is the ability to accept all that was and is and be fully open to creating new possibilities.  This means being unbound by limiting non-serving programs.  To be free of past programs, choice requires us to take responsibility for our choices and fully accept everything that was and is. 


By accepting what has happened and what is present, but not being bound to it in the future, we are free to choose our future.  This is known as a “Generative Future.”  A Generative Future is one we powerfully and fully create.  The future is actually a blank canvas waiting for us to create it.  However, when we bring our past into our future, the canvas is already full of stuff from our past.  This is known as a “Pre-Determined Future.”  In essence, our past has already determined our future as we back into our future looking at the past.


Most of us go through life making our present and future decisions based upon what worked or didn’t work in our past.  Most of what worked or didn’t work was determined by our programs.  Thus, if we unconsciously run non-serving programs and get results we don’t want, we only serve to reinforce these non-serving programs. 


We keep trying to create a Generative Future with tools from our past.  This just doesn’t work - If we focus on fixing the past, we are focused on the past rather than creating the future. 


A key to creating a Generative Future is becoming conscious of the non-serving programs and deleting, replacing or modifying these programs.  This is done by bringing the programs into the light of consciousness.  When we see our programs, whether they serve us or not, they no longer hide beneath the surface controlling us. We have power over the programs and then can choose to delete, replace, modify, accept or strengthen the programs.


Once we have fully accepted what was and what is, we no longer are bound to a Pre-Determined Future.  We then align choice, declaration and consistent action to powerfully create a Generative Future.


4.            Prior Consciousness and Imagination

So far this discussion has focused in the realm of mind and language.  Through the process of Equanimous Observation, Inquiry and Choice, we obtain access to “Prior Consciousness” – the all-knowing infinite consciousness that existed prior to our birth, prior to our experience as a human and prior to the installation of programs, including the program of language.


We access prior consciousness when our minds, ego and language are no longer involved.  Because Prior Consciousness is beyond language, describing it language only creates a paradox.   The best way to describe Prior Consciousness is the space in between thoughts that holds the infinite possibility of what the next thought may be.


We all have had the experience of shifting from one thought to another.  In between thoughts, there is space.  Accessing that space gives us amazing power to create from imagination.


Imagination is the ability of forming images, sensations and concepts, in a moment when they are not perceived through sight, hearing or other senses.  The imagination arising from Prior Consciousness is that which provides images without language.  These images, when embodied, work to create reality.


5.            Manifestation through Embodied Awareness

When we clear programs, create imaginatively and anchor our Generative Future in the internal environment of our bodies, we can powerfully create using Embodied Awareness.


The somatic awareness of our body is always in the state of here and now.  Because of this here and now consciousness, our bodies respond immediately to our thoughts and emotions.  When this happens, the experience of thoughts and emotions become anchored in our “physical reality” as if they were true.  This is because we really presently feel our thoughts and emotions in our body.  Even if our emotions arise from thoughts that are fabricated, once anchored in somatic consciousness, we often believe the fabrications as if they are real.


For example, imagine laying on a white sand beach in Hawaii on an 80 degree sunny day with a light cool breeze blowing off the turquoise ocean with the palms swaying.  Despite that you are not actually in Hawaii on the beach, it is likely that your body responded to the imagined scenario by relaxing.  Now imagine yourself in Fukushima, Japan during the earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear reactor meltdown.   It is likely that your body’s sympathetic nervous system kicked in releasing adrenaline, increasing your heart rate and tightening your muscles readying you for fight or flight.


When we are trapped in our programs and mind, we often anchor unwanted physical realities in our bodies.


Although mental focus and affirmations based upon language and programming can influence our reality, they are not nearly as powerful as the combination of imagination, choice and embodiment. 


For instance, when we want to raise our right arm, we visualize and it happens naturally with little effort.  We can say 1,000 times “arm raise” and it won’t.  We can stare at our arm and focus our cognitive mental capacities on raising our arm and it won’t raise.   However, in act of practically effortless coordination between imagination and somatic will, we just simply raise our arm.


Manifestation through embodiment is a powerful tool that works much the same way.  We imagine what we want to manifest, anchor that in our body and allow Prior Consciousness to easily manifest the reality we embody.


When we imagine, choose and embody a Generative Future while taking consistent action in alignment with the Prior Consciousness and Embodied Awareness, magic starts to happen.  This magic is deeper than mind, words and programs and works at a level prior to and deeper than the mind.  From this state of being, take action in alignment with the signals of your somatic wisdom and you will magically manifest using Embodied Awareness.

About the Author

Mark Chasan is a “Transformational Integrator.”  As an Internet veteran, serial entrepreneur with a public exit, environmentalist, digital media pioneer, attorney, futurist, financial and strategic advisor, healer, composer and author, Mark possesses experiences and tools that utilize whole system approaches to help enterprise, non-profits, executives and leaders powerfully manifest their visions and create positive global transformation.

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Comment by Shera Sever on April 20, 2011 at 4:59pm
Great share Mark. .thank you!
Comment by Chandra Hines on April 5, 2011 at 4:20pm
You are such a transformational integrator! This blog is such a perfect example of this...a spiritual orientation to grounding, embodying and creating our lives.


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