February 2011 Blog Posts (3)

The Hidden Tax of Inflation

A friend of mine, Geoff Workman, compiled the chart below showing the astronomical inflation we are experiencing.  Inflation is the hidden tax that covers the costs of the $20 trillion Wall St. bailout, the $1.2 trillion dollar war in Iraq and Afghanistan  and the trillions of dollars of subsidies, pork barrel and inefficiencies of our Federal Government.…


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Wall Street vs. Main Street

David Korten provides a good summary of the difference between Wall St. and Main St in his paper entitled "A Real-Market Alternative" (


"The Wall Street economy," according to Mr. Korten, "is centrally planned and managed by big banks and corporations for which money is both means and end. The primary goal is…


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Vibrations - The Language of the Universe

The language of the universe is vibration.  We are simultaneously receiving, processing and transmitting vibrations that shape our “reality” in a co-creative jam session with the universe. 

            Vibrations are the language of the universe.  Everything has vibration - from our thoughts, emotions and feelings, to the sounds we hear (and don’t hear) and the electromagnetic spectrum which contains the light and colors we see (and don’t see).



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