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H.E.A.L.E.R. - The New Relationship Paradigm

H.E.A.L.E.R. – The New Divine Relationship Paradigm


H.E.A.L.E.R. – Healthy, Enlightened, Abundant, Loving, Evolving Responsible relationships occur when we we take full responsibility for our experiences, our happiness and all we create.  The illusion and belief systems that create, attachment to outcome, agenda, manipulation, drama, having-losing, neediness and fear dissolve…


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A Transpersonal Approach to Psychotherapy

A Transpersonal Approach to Psychotherapy


Pioneered by Freud around 100 years ago, the field of Western psychology has concentrated on the outer self-mind, heart, and body as the foundation for an individual’s growth and experience. Psychotherapy has mostly focused on healing the fragmented self, a repercussion of childhood psychological wounding.  With the conception of Humanistic Psychology in the 1950’s, Maslow, an instrumental force in widening the scope…


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Situationally Adaptive Organizations

Over the past two decades, organizational structure, governance and capacities have undergone critical examination, but largely remain bureaucratic.  In order to thrive in the 21st century, organizations must go beyond examination and experimentation into application.  New technologies, globalization, voluminous cross-platform-multi-channeled information, and rapidly changing market-social-economic-political conditions are requiring the application of dynamic whole-systems organizational…


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