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together we are one, walk with me...

this is a very deep quote from Thich N. Hanh, so difficult on this days understand...

the most important journey we have to do, is between our mind and our heart.

This does not mean we have to be Monks or saints ( and probably we are anyway), this is just matter to hear the people, understand them, with mindfulness.

I fount in some moment in my life, to move back, reset my self, and try it over again, then, I see clearly and much better…


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Life in spirit not material

This is brief, but wow w=hat a ride the last 2 years have been, the most unbelievable and exquisite learning experience you can imagine.

I love my life and look forward to the last 3rd of it.

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Evolving from an Industrial Age to a Regenerative Age

If we are to thrive as a species in the 21st century and beyond, it is critical that we address the core symptoms and root causes of our society’s dysfunction from the inside-out, ground-up and top-down and evolve from an extractive, exploitative, war-based civilization to one that is regenerative, abundant, harmonious & thriving.

The Symptoms & Root Causes of Dysfunction in our Society

Pollution, war, poverty, disease, climate change and destruction of…


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Does Killing & Domination Make Us Smarter?

"Man has come to dominate the planet thanks to two essential traits. One is intelligence. The other has been the absolute willingness to kill anyone and anything that gets in his way." ~Stephen King

Recently I saw the movie Lucy and while it was entertaining, it's kind of amazing how a movie about using the full capacity of our mind was written with so little mental capacity and imagination. Rather than Lucy using her incredible abilities to develop and…


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The Profitability of Good Health

If you could increase your profits by improving the health, wholeness and happiness of your employees and organization would you?

It would seem that the answer to the foregoing rhetorical question, would be a resounding "Yes!" especially when the ROI on comprehensive, well-run employee wellness programs can be as high as 6 to 1 (Harvard Business Review, 2010) and eco-conscious, sustainability programs on average have a ROI of 2 to 1 (Bloomberg, 2011).

Despite the groundswell of…


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The Regenerative Economy and the Pragmatism of Woo-Woo

What if we could create a world of AWE -- Abundance, Wellness and Enlightenment -- a thriving and harmonious world that fosters humankind's potential for love, brilliance, beauty and kindness?

I am convinced that we can create such a world and am seeing a rapidly growing groundswell of people awakening and collaborating to transform our world.

There are, however, many people who still believe that those seeking to create a more thriving, loving, abundant, well and enlightened…


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Revelation for the Thriving of Humankind

I had a major revelation today (September 19, 2013) about the potential and possibilities for humankind. The timeline, dimension and illusion of our current "reality" is at the edge of transformation. . .

While walking through a redwood forest today, I stopped to embrace a beautiful redwood tree. Although on the outside, the tree looked healthy and strong, during my embrace, I could feel its life force was weakening. I…


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Birth, Death & Metamorphosis

Merrill Ward, AWE's Chief Enlightenment Officer, just shared this inspiring piece about transformation that I am compelled to share this with you. . .

Birth, Death & Metamorphosis

As the sap begins to pull back from the branches of the trees, and the leaves begin their inevitable shift into the vibrant reds, rich golds and deep purples of Autumn, my mind, body and spirit generally tend to begin their own withdrawl into the inner realms of Self as well. The…


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Free Money to Insiders

More on the morons that run our government, or, should I say, the evil geniuses who own our government. . .

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Helping Mothers Become Leaders

We have gone far too long waiting for the world to change, and all here know we are doing good deeds and great works.  Mothers, carrying life within their bodies and in a real sense nuturing a new spirit with sustaining love and compassion, may be one of the most powerful communities to organize and engage in buidling and then thriving as children of our Mother Earth, and our mommies...

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5 Powerful Tools for a New Paradigm

We are each part of a Global Human Agreement (“GHA”) that creates our current reality.  The GHA shapes our external and internal worlds and the way we relate to each other and our environment.  Much of the GHA results from implanted programs that we perpetuate both consciously and unconsciously.  These programs shape our view of the world, dictate our behavior and create our “reality.


In order to manifest a new reality, we need new tools that allow us to replace the programs…


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Be It - Create It

Be it - Create It.  Anything you already are is easy to create.  We often try to create our world without creating ourselves.   Creation occurs from the inside out.  Our external environment is only a reflection of our internal being.


We often pursue and strive to be something we are not, and in so doing compromise and limit our power of manifestation and the extraordinary potential we each hold. Rather than being extraordinary creators, we conform and fit in - to  be…


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The Hidden Tax of Inflation

A friend of mine, Geoff Workman, compiled the chart below showing the astronomical inflation we are experiencing.  Inflation is the hidden tax that covers the costs of the $20 trillion Wall St. bailout, the $1.2 trillion dollar war in Iraq and Afghanistan  and the trillions of dollars of subsidies, pork barrel and inefficiencies of our Federal Government.…


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Wall Street vs. Main Street

David Korten provides a good summary of the difference between Wall St. and Main St in his paper entitled "A Real-Market Alternative" (


"The Wall Street economy," according to Mr. Korten, "is centrally planned and managed by big banks and corporations for which money is both means and end. The primary goal is…


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Vibrations - The Language of the Universe

The language of the universe is vibration.  We are simultaneously receiving, processing and transmitting vibrations that shape our “reality” in a co-creative jam session with the universe. 

            Vibrations are the language of the universe.  Everything has vibration - from our thoughts, emotions and feelings, to the sounds we hear (and don’t hear) and the electromagnetic spectrum which contains the light and colors we see (and don’t see).



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H.E.A.L.E.R. - The New Relationship Paradigm

H.E.A.L.E.R. – The New Divine Relationship Paradigm


H.E.A.L.E.R. – Healthy, Enlightened, Abundant, Loving, Evolving Responsible relationships occur when we we take full responsibility for our experiences, our happiness and all we create.  The illusion and belief systems that create, attachment to outcome, agenda, manipulation, drama, having-losing, neediness and fear dissolve…


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A Transpersonal Approach to Psychotherapy

A Transpersonal Approach to Psychotherapy


Pioneered by Freud around 100 years ago, the field of Western psychology has concentrated on the outer self-mind, heart, and body as the foundation for an individual’s growth and experience. Psychotherapy has mostly focused on healing the fragmented self, a repercussion of childhood psychological wounding.  With the conception of Humanistic Psychology in the 1950’s, Maslow, an instrumental force in widening the scope…


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Situationally Adaptive Organizations

Over the past two decades, organizational structure, governance and capacities have undergone critical examination, but largely remain bureaucratic.  In order to thrive in the 21st century, organizations must go beyond examination and experimentation into application.  New technologies, globalization, voluminous cross-platform-multi-channeled information, and rapidly changing market-social-economic-political conditions are requiring the application of dynamic whole-systems organizational…


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A Dream of Transformation

I have a dream of great transformation and new possibilities to create a world of A.W.E. - Abundance, Wellness & Enlightenment.

This dream is not about change. It is not about fixing the old system with the same mindset, tools and behavior that created the…


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