Welcome to A.W.E.

A.W.E. is a community network for conscious collaboration and exchange to create a world Abundance, Wellness and Enlightenment.


A.W.E. provides a hub for people and organizations who are committed to positive personal and global transformation to obtain powerful tools and resources for the betterment of humankind and the achievement of a life of abundance, wellness and enlightenment for all. 


It is the intention of A.W.E. to evolve a currency of exchange based upon abundance, doing good and creating a shared and open economy based upon abundant currency rather than hording and scarcity.


A.W.E. is a place where

  • new paradigm sustainable and collaborative communities can be created
  • entrepreneurs can find resources to launch their businesses (e.g., capital, human, market, technology) to create a transformational economy (e.g. restorative, regenerative, informative, innovative and experiential)
  • landowners can find sustainable developers and sustainable developers can find financing
  • architects, engineers, artists and future visionaries can offer their vision and plans for a better world
  • technologists and inventors can gather to share their knowledge and find the resources they need to create their transformative technologies
  • visionaries, economists, city and government planners and resource managers can share ideas to create the conscious social, political and economic transformation we need
  • writers, musicians, filmmakers and artists can offer their works of inspiration and connect with sponsors of the arts
  • transformative communities and organizations can connect and aggregate their ideas in a cooperative environment

The objectives of A.W.E. are in alignment with Buckminster Fuller’s personal challenge to future world visionaries, to make “a world that works for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense, or the disadvantage of anyone.”  


The very nature of this goal requires a deep commitment to personal, environmental, economic, cultural and political transformation. 


“Transformation” means the ability to evolve, change and radically shift ones thoughts, emotions, words, actions, beliefs and systems. The term also entails the capacity to envision options other than repetition and reproduction of past behavior to improve the quality of life.


We have apathetically and unconsciously accepted a Global Human Agreement (‘GHA”) that has created great destruction and toxicity. It is time to change our GHA and create a new reality that works for everyone and everything, with no one and nothing left out, including future generations of life on this planet.   


By joining together, in recognition of our unity and interdependence, we can change our current society and economy, which manifests fear, poverty, disease, war, pollution, hording and wasting, into a shared future that is abundant, sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible, loving, peaceful, equitable, conscious, healthy, and enlightened.


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