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Explore the meaning and manifestation of Abundance as a state of being. What is true wealth? What is sufficiency? What is currency and exchange? How do you manifest abundance in your life?

3 Jul 7, 2012
Searching for wisdom or embracing it.
by DJ Duey


Our Wellness is key to our vitality, happiness and ability to manifest. Wellness includes body, mind, emotional, financial and natural wellness. Explore a new integrated system for wellness - M.E.D.I.C.I.N.E. - Meditation-Exercise-Diet & Nutrition-Internal Cleansing-Conscious Monitoring and Optimizing States of Being-Integrated Medicine-Natural & Environmental Wellness-Energy Healing & DNA Activation.

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Explore Enlightenment and how it benefits your life. What is Enlightenment? Can we experience or achieve oneness in the subject-object consciousness of ego? Are there different levels of enlightenment, such as true enlightenment and functional enlightenment?

1 Dec 4, 2013
Alternative Spirituality Gurus Mostly Bogus?
by Carlo Ami

Sustainable Communities

Building sustainable communities can positively transform the way we live, consume, collaborate and relate to each other and planet. Engage in discussion on building and living in community. Find communities and community projects or members for your community.

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Whole Systems and Biomimicry

Whole systems dynamics attempts to understand the interaction and interconnectivity of each thing with the whole. Biomimicry is a field of study that mimics the "wisdom" of nature which has evolved over 4.5 billion years. By applying whole system and biomimicry approaches to our growth, development, economy and business, we can bring our activities into harmonious alignment with nature.

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New Paradigm Socio-Economic-Political System

This discussion examines models for transforming our socio-economic-political systems. With 80% of humankind at or near poverty and the biosphere and natural resources of our planet suffering from toxicity, scarcity and destruction, it is clear that we need to redefine and transform our socio-economic-political system.

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New Paradigm Relationships

Many of the traditional forms of relationship (e.g., boyfriend-girlfriend, engaged, married) do not adequately or consciously create authentic and integral relationships. Explore a new paradigm in relationships - H.E.A.L.E.R. - Healthy, Enlightened, Abundant, Loving, Evolving Responsible relationships.

8 May 20, 2012
Reply by Kitzia Kokopelmana



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